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Welsh Water Co. Scamming the vulnerable

Welsh water Co. Scamming the vulnerable

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Updated: 02 Oct 2006

By daoud jibreel, Cardiff

Hi people

below is my reply to the latest from Dwr Cymru and those people who have received copies of said email.

Point of information Crazydave. Oh yes while Lord Burns did forward the email request to Dame Hine it seems that Lord Burns along with all the other co correspondees has not got back to me and said 'you know Crazydave this lot really does need looking into' But then I have unfortunately gotten used to that over the years.

More on that in the next article, but for now and to let you all know what you political leaders don't do on your behalf, because if they won't on mine then theres a good chance they will not on yours either.

So Mrs Edwina Hart where is the Social Justice Here??????

Love n Light People Crazydave,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Hi everybody

I wonder if there is one among you who is willing to question any of the issues that these emails from Dwr Cymru (welsh water) and me highlight, or are we all of the 'Let them eat cake' frame of mind.

Obviously the district valuer didn't have much of an interest in vulnerable adults or he would have reduced the two properties values so that they coincided with that of a house.

I know you all seem very reluctant to reply to any questions I have raised regarding this and other matters, relating to life as a none working member of this society. But who knows the future and who is to say that one of your loved ones might someday be forced to live the life, that this one writing now has lived, would you wish this upon them????

I wonder I really really wonder???

Love n Light Crazydave.

Subject: Reply from Dwr Cymru Welsh Water.
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 10:11:11 +0100

Dear Mr Gabriel

Thank you for your two emails on the 18 September.

As mentioned in my previous email water companies did not determine rateable values however they are, by way of statute, the basis for raising water charges for properties that are not metered.

In my previous email I outlined the possible saving you could make by having a meter installed. Thank you for supplying your income details. You may well qualify for the Customer Assistance Fund however we cannot accept you onto the fund simply because you are in receipt of benefit. I appreciate that you may consider this to be unnecessarily bureaucratic but we must have details of your outgoings.

I note that you do not usually make account of your outgoings however you are required to do so for consideration for the Customer Assistance Fund. You must be able to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds available to pay your current year’s charges.

If you do not keep up the payments on the current year’s charges the outstanding debt will not be picked up by the Fund. The CAB or Speak Easy will be able to help you complete.

I understand it a breakdown of this kind is usually required for any kind of assistance fund. Please give some consideration to completing an application and I will ensure that it is processed without delay.

RegardsBev Davies"
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